Billy Burke to Return to Rizolli and Isles
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According to EW:

“He made a quick — and sexy! — appearance in the series premiere of TNT’s new Rizzoli & Isles. Now Billy Burke (who, of course, plays Bella’s dad in the Twilight films) is back for more crime-fighting fun with series star Angie Harmon, and from the look of things, the sparks are definitely flying between Harmon’s hard-striving Det. Jane Rizzoli and Burke’s broody F.B.I. agent Gabriel Dean in the episode airing Aug. 30. But count on Rizzoli’s serial-killing nemesis, Hoyt, to ruin the mood.”

Pel got hooked on the series, which airs on TNT on Monday nights, after she saw the premiere with Billy Burke. You can get full episodes via the TNT official page. Billy Burke figures heavily in the first one.


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