Does Robert Pattinson Have The Potential To Be The Next Johnny Depp?
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Sure, we all know Johnny Depp is probably one of the greatest actors of all time.  However, with the success of The Twilight Saga and Robert Pattinson’s ever growing popularity, RPatz is being compared to the great Johnny himself -

Robert Pattinson has leapt to such meteoric heights with Twilight that I am compelled to compare him with his veteran counterpart, the super sexy Johnny Depp.
Hollywood’s sexy actor Johnny Depp who, at 46, gives the young breed of actors a run for their money is considered (and rightly so) the world’s sexiest and most stylish man alive. Besides being a gorgeous-looking hunk, he’s one of the finest actors to have ever graced the showbiz industry. His vitality on the sets is infectious and he never fails to showcase his versatility that he always carries in his heavily-laden armour.

Now, it’s true that Robert Pattinson has just kissed stardom and he has to prove his mettle for years till he can step into the shoes of Jack Sparrow. But, does he have the potential:

The points in Rob’s favour are:

1. His unmatched sexiness
2. Those toxic eyes and that cold, penetrative stare
3. His wit
4. His amiability and overall persona
5. His style (Rob is the trend setter with his messy hair and hooded jackets)

However, a few elements that Rob needs to work on are:

1. His acting (Rob has to take it to a higher notch to come anywhere near Depp)
2. His craft of dialogue delivery
3. Choice of films (as a post-Twilight Pattinson will be carefully scrutinised)
4. His dedication and passion for cinema (He nurtures feelings for music that may see him take his acting a tad recklessly)
5. His comfort level before the camera (he needs to shed all inhibitions that he recently showed while filming bed scenes in ‘Bel Ami’). He must realize that when the camera starts rolling, he no longer remains Pattinson but transforms into his character wholly.

So…what do you think?  I agree, Johnny Depp is the man!  While people can’t help but compare celebs all the time, it’s not fair to pin Rob against such an accomplished actor such as Johnny Depp.

[Source: EntertainmentShowbiz via RPatzLife via eclipsemovie]


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